How can Employee Benefits Help Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance

The subtle balance of work and personal life can struggle for many of us...

For some, it can be due to the sheer amount of work they need to squeeze into their contracted working hours, leading to longer days or working at the weekends. For others, it can be managing personal commitments such as the school run around their working hours.

Whatever plates your team may be struggling to keep spinning, HR plays a vital role in supporting a healthy work-life balance, through implementing the correct employee benefits package to help them promote this. 

A great way to be confident you’ve selected the right employee benefits package to solve an imbalance, is to take stock of what your employees’ needs are and what solutions can be provided through an employee benefits scheme to best match them. But when doing so, it’s important to ask your team for their input on the work-life balances they struggle with the most or gain feedback on the current employee benefits you offer.

Failing to do so, could result in a similar scenario to the following: the implementation of an employee benefits package around fitness, is put into place to help with the struggle of exercise, however a flexible working package, may have been the better solution for helping a team that mainly have children and need an extra hour in the morning for the school run. 

We explain how you can successfully promote a healthy work-life balance through the help of achieving the right employee benefits, to work-life struggle, ratio.

being flexible to help with  outside commitments

As we mentioned above, your team may desire a more flexible schedule to help manage their commitments or hobbies outside of work. By including flexible hours or remote working as part of your employee benefits package, they can manage their time better, to not only allow them to be more productive while at work, but to find a healthy balance between their other interests and family lives. 

Want to take it a step further? Why not offer your staff the opportunity to purchase annual leave, allowing them to buy additional days off to use as they wish - and allowing you to save on your wage bill.

Learn more about our annual leave purchase programme here.

keep wellbeing at the front of your mind

A big part of an employee's work-life balance is taking part in enough physical exercise to improve their overall health and wellbeing; however, exercise tends to be one of the first things to be pushed to one side due to work load or lack of accessibility. 

By choosing employee benefits that highlights the importance of health and wellbeing for your staff, you can provide the tools and opportunities they may need to make healthier choices. This might include a cycle to work scheme or discounted gym memberships to help encourage them to dedicate some time for looking after their physical health.

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keep an eye out for 'burnout'

If creating a healthy work-life balance has been a struggle for your organisation, this may be down to a workplace cultural issue. For example, if senior members of staff actively encourage employees to stay late and do not see this as going above and beyond for the company, employees can feel that it is an unwritten rule to work long days and may even lead to burnout. 

Employee burnout is most likely when employees:

  • Expect too much from themselves, 
  • Fear that their work is never good enough, 
  • Have feelings of inadequacy or incompetence, 
  • Feel unappreciated in their role, 
  • Are not a good fit for their current role. 

If left unchecked, employees can suffer from stress, depression, or physical complaints that can lead to absenteeism, low engagement, avoidable costly mistakes, or even dangerous accidents.

Employee benefits can be a great way to shift this culture through demonstrating you care about the health and wellbeing of your employees. Adopting an Employee Assistance Programme is a great employee benefit that will help your employees manage stress, either from professional or personal situations. 

Also beyond employee benefits, it can be difficult for a member of your staff to see how to manage and proactively improve their situation. Educating the leadership team on changing habits and perceptions can be important for promoting a healthy work-life balance. For example, focusing on productivity rather than hours, can be a key to a happier and healthier workforce.

Although there may be days that a member of staff needs to work longer hours to complete a task, this will be offset on a day when they complete everything they need to without the need to complete a full eight hour day.




still with us so far?

To effectively use employee benefits to promote a healthy work-life balance, not only do you need to consider the best solution for your staff but you need to take an active role in communicating and educating the subject to your employees.

You could consider hosting a seminar that covers its importance and the different ways your team can achieve it. This can also help the team discover features of your employee benefits programme they may not have been aware was there.

Thanks for joining us!