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Digital healthcare… enhancing employee wellness at every age

13 February 2024

The UK retirement age is rising, keeping employees in work for longer. Absenteeism is at a 10-year high, costing businesses billions a year. Taking steps to keep employees healthy will yield a return, and there are many ways to do so, including mental and financial wellbeing solutions. One thing for sure is that getting employees the medical help they need more quickly is essential, and this is where a Virtual GP and digital healthcare platform comes into its own.

Have you watched our podcast ‘Reducing absenteeism & helping employees stay healthy’?


Dr Olivia Codrington, Lead GP for Doctor Care Anywhere - our digital healthcare platform partner - and NHS GP, joined us to discuss the current state of the NHS and the difficulties employees face in trying to book GP appointments.


We’ll cover some of the topics discussed during this blog, but for now, we’ll address why we’re bringing age into the debate.


The UK government plans to increase the retirement age from 66 to 67 by 2028 and 68 by 2044, with experts believing it may eventually rise to 71 (Workplace Wellbeing Professional). Whilst employees can still choose to retire early, if they have the means, they won’t be able to access their government pension till much later.


While some may plan and organise their finances so they can retire early, the number of employees leaving work due to ill health has increased.


Continuing to work beyond traditional retirement age can have both positive and negative effects on physical wellbeing. On one hand, staying active and engaged in work can contribute to better physical health and longevity. On the other hand, for those in physically demanding jobs or experiencing age-related health issues, prolonging the working years could lead to increased stress and fatigue, and alternative options might need to be considered. Graham James, Director, Pluxee UK


Keeping employees healthy!

The cost-of-living crisis has made it challenging for many Brits to set money aside for the future. With the retirement age continually increasing, many UK employees rely on their salary for longer.


Helping employees who need to work, stay in work with digital healthcare solutions!


It’s never been more essential for employers to help keep their workforce healthier for longer. We must prioritise employee wellbeing - financial, physical, mental, social, and emotional - and there’ll be no one-size-fits-all.  


Employee benefits and wellbeing guide 2024


The role of digital healthcare

If employees need to remain employed for longer, we must make it easier for them to stay healthy. This is where our digital healthcare platform, Online GP, plays an essential role.


Our podcast revealed that 26% of patients had to wait over a week to see their NHS GP, with Dr Oliva Codrington expressing her surprise that the numbers weren’t higher. As someone on the frontline, she understands the current constraints and challenges better than anyone.


In contrast, using our digital healthcare platform, Online GP, 100% of the employees registered with the service were able to book their GP appointments online within 24 hours, and 96% attended a virtual GP appointment within eight hours.


Speedier access to digital healthcare = employees on the road to recovery much sooner!


Whilst there is a per capita cost for the service, employers increasingly see this as an investment in their people rather than a business expense. Typically, when they're going to see their GP, an employee would have to take half a day off work, which will impact the productivity or business output. Jonathan Bedford, Director, Pluxee UK


Absenteeism is at a ten-year high. With a digital healthcare platform, employees can book a GP appointment within 24 hours and attend a GP appointment online, helping reduce the time taken off.


How do digital health platforms save businesses money?


  1. Employees can book an appointment with Online GP, 24/7, 365 days a year, so they can easily fit them around their working day without needing to take time off.

  2. The ability to book a GP appointment online within 24 hours or sooner ensures employees start the road to recovery more quickly.

  3. When an employee books a GP appointment online or via their digital healthcare app, they provide details about why they need to see a GP or Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP). This ensures their clinician has all the information before the appointment and can spend more time discussing the matter.

  4. Higher levels of productivity! Businesses that embed Online GP into their employee benefits package often experience higher levels of employee engagement due to its popularity.


Alleviating the burden on the NHS

There's a finite number of doctors within the country. But we all, well, many of us, do both NHS work and private work. So, it's not even as though our doctors are choosing to work for Doctor Care Anywhere over the NHS. It's on a different day, evening, weekend, or overnight. And so, it's not taking away from that system at all. It is very much there to support it and relieve some pressure. Dr Olivia Codrington, Lead GP, Doctor Care Anywhere


Digital Healthcare… so much more than a virtual GP

38% of people say that accessing an Online GP through a digital healthcare platform would improve their mental wellbeing because of the speed and ease of seeking medical support.


  • Book up to 20-minute video consultations with GPs and Advanced Nurse Practitioners 24/7 – 365 days a year.

  • Choose their clinicians.

  • Request for their prescriptions to be delivered to their door.

  • Access the My Health app for self-care content & tools at their fingertips.

  • Stay and share notes with their NHS practice.

  • Get fast access to medication without needing an appointment with a healthcare professional with QuickConsult (coming soon).


Proactive digital healthcare = better self-care


Healthy employees take less time off due to illness, so it pays to help them stay physically and mentally well. With the ‘My Health’ feature, your employees can access self-care content and the tools they need - use it to encourage them to prioritise their health and wellbeing.


How often have you decided against making a GP appointment because you don’t feel your concern is serious enough? 


Many of us choose to ‘live with’ an issue we don’t see as urgent because we understand the pressure our NHS is under.


Our digital healthcare platform, Online GP, doesn’t just provide access to doctors and self-help tools; it’s also home to Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) who are highly qualified in clinical practice and can help with a wide variety of health concerns. 


ANPs are the ‘go-to’ for minor ailments or a flare-up of illness. They can assess your employees’ conditions, diagnose and treat symptoms, issue prescriptions, plan any follow-up required, and make a referral for any further treatment. 


Pluxee UK… enhancing employee wellness at every age!

At Pluxee UK, we aim to listen, learn, and grow with the clients we partner with, putting employees’ needs first and opening up a world of opportunities for businesses.


Healthy and engaged employees help businesses thrive!


Keeping your employees healthy so they can fulfil their working needs for longer is essential, especially as many may face financial hardship if forced to retire early due to health concerns. Let’s not forget the rising cost of doing business and the importance of reducing costly absenteeism.


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