Don't Panic! It's Secret Santa Time

Love it or loathe it, the unofficial Christmas tradition of Secret Santa is becoming more and more of the ‘done thing’ in the workplace.

There’ll always be the one person in the workplace who’ll eagerly suggest it, then the debate about how to draw who gets who, what to spend, when it should be done… Quite frankly, it can become something of a laborious task just to organise – defeating the whole point of it being just ‘a little bit of fun’!

But don’t panic just yet; if your workplace decides to spread a little festive cheer with some secret gift-giving, don’t get yourself wound up about what to get or what to do! Grab yourself a mulled wine, settle down in front of a roaring fire and check out our tips on how to ensure you can finish your year in the workplace, on a real high.


Whilst not everyone may celebrate Christmas, the act of sharing gifts with your colleagues is a great way to build team spirit and inclusivity, get to know your colleagues, and simply have a bit of fun! It is however wise to acknowledge that some people may not want to be involved due to their own faiths, so if you’re organising the office’s festivities, always keep this in mind.


Christmas can already be a financially draining time of year for some people, so don’t go setting an extravagant budget for those fun gifts! Set a budget that suits everyone; £5 - £10 usually does the trick and means you should be able to find something fun. Once the budget is set, try and stick to it.

Buying someone an extravagant gift will not do you any favours and everyone else will be in a panic wondering if the £3 pair of novelty reindeer stocks is good enough. Also, if you’ve picked the boss, don’t go buying something more expensive; after all, no one likes a ‘suck up’!

The annual Secret Santa is also great to organise, if you’re struggling to find affordable gifts to reward staff with at Christmas. If times have been tough and you’re perhaps not able to reward your staff as you should, the Secret Santa can create a much-needed bit of cheer with your workforce.

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Whilst everyone may not know who their Secret Santa is, or even know them that well, remember it is a popular workplace tradition and keep it appropriate for that person. You may find a prank gift hilarious, but it could be deemed offensive and inappropriate for any number of reasons; after all, your work colleagues are not necessarily your friends and might not appreciate being pranked with an embarrassing present…


Yes, we know that it can be a bit of an inconvenience trying to source a gift for someone, you potentially may not know very well; but a huge part of the Secret Santa is the thought that goes into said-gifts!

Don’t fall into the trap of visiting your local superstore to pick up a bottle of booze or a box of chocolates. There are plenty of retailers on the high street or online where you can get fun, quirky gifts that won’t cost a sleigh-load and will most likely be appreciated more than a half-hearted bottle of cheap plonk!


Finally, and funnily enough as the name suggests, keep your gift and recipient a secret! Everyone likes a nice surprise, and the annual Secret Santa is a perfect opportunity to spread a little cheer with your colleagues and help to finish your year on a real high.


Secret Santa is just one way to encourage the growth of a positive company culture – and having a positive company culture is essential to growing successful businesses. Discover more about how you can motivate, incentivise and reward your staff this Christmas and check out our Essential online Guide to Festive Motivation, Incentives and Rewards by clicking the link below!

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