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Published: 13th September 2023


Encouragement = support

Encouragement = confidence

Encouragement = continue positive behaviours

Harness the power of encouragement through recognition and reward

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REWARD & RECOGNITION: Empower Employees to thrive

The power of encouragement – we shouldn’t underestimate it. It helps people achieve personal and professional goals, and this blog will explore the big difference small acts of encouragement can make in the workplace, empowering your employees to thrive.


Encouragement = giving someone support, confidence, or hope / persuasion to do or continue something.

The dictionary definition of encouragement leaves no room for debate about why encouragement is so powerful.

Words like ‘support’ and ‘confidence’ – to continue doing something are the fundamentals of an effective workplace people strategy. As is encouragement.

Encouragement becomes part of our lives at a young age when everything is new, scary and challenging, but it’s just as important in adulthood.


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Encouragement = support

For new employees or those taking on a challenging task, encouragement that comes in the form of support from a manager helps alleviate stress and make the task at hand more manageable.

When support is more than a helping hand…

Support in action:

  • Listening to concerns

  • Problem-solving

  • Breaking down a project into manageable tasks

  • Monitoring workload.


As a manager, supporting your people comes as a standard. The, perhaps unconscious, message behind this support is encouragement.


Encouragement = confidence

One of the best ways to give employees the confidence they need to succeed is by ensuring they have the required skills and knowledge.

Upskill your people via internal training initiatives, external workshops, or mentoring. When you invest money and time in employee development, it communicates that you believe in and value them – enhancing the faith they have in themselves.


Encouragement = continue positive behaviour

Encouragement is the key to ensuring your employees perform actions and behaviours you wish to see repeated.

The first step is communicating the values and behaviours you want your employees to embrace. Next is to reinforce those behaviours through encouragement in the form of recognition.  

When employees’ efforts go unnoticed, they lose their desire to repeat them and could become disengaged with your business. Recognition is encouragement - whether that’s a thank you, a tick in the box on a personal development plan, or more responsibility.


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Harness the power of encouragement through recognition and reward

We can agree that encouragement has psychological benefits through offering support, building confidence, and recognising positive actions and behaviours.

A recognition and reward strategy gives even more power to the art of encouragement. Harness the potential of your strategy through impactful and inclusive rewards.

Our eVoucher solutions are a popular way to reward and encourage your employees to succeed and thrive. Inclusive, flexible and giving your people the freedom to choose, they’re a reward that makes a positive impact whether part of your Christmas plans or all year round.

With two leading solutions available – eVoucher Cheques and eVoucher Codes – you can choose the best value and most impactful offering for your business and people.


eVoucher Codes Vs. eVoucher Cheques… what’s the difference?

When it comes to your choice of retailers, there’s no difference at all, and we have over 100 of the UK’s favourite high street and high-end brands to choose from.

It all comes down to choice: Do you want your employees to have their pick, or do you want to select on their behalf? 

Your workforce is diverse and full of individuals with unique interests, wants and needs. You can give them the freedom to spend with different retailers when you reward them with our multi-retailer eVoucher Cheques.

Our eVoucher Codes are retailer-specific, which means you can decide – with input from your people – which retailer is most popular, and we can discuss an additional discount when you buy in bulk!

Our eVoucher Cheques also come with financial benefits since we only bill you for those your employees redeem. Should your employees not make use of their reward, you won’t be invoiced, freeing up the budget for your next rewards initiative.


Recognition Prepaid Card

As a hybrid solution, we've designed our Recognition Prepaid Card so that everyone wins, with you and your employees able to add funds to the card whenever you choose.

Stretch budgets and salaries further!

More than just a preloaded card, your employees have the chance to earn up to 15% cashback with over 80 participating retailers every time they use their card in-store or online.

Boost your CSR credentials!

Our Recognition Prepaid Cards are made from recycled PVC, and we offer a virtual-only solution – freeing you of plastic and instantly delivering your employees' card details.


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Sodexo Engage… The supportive, confidence-boosting partner, helping your people & business thrive 

We’re one of the UK’s leading digital voucher providers, building powerful partnerships with our clients, merchants and consumers and giving you the confidence to choose us as your rewards partner.

With an account manager by your side, we give you the support you need to make your rewards initiative a success!

Whether you aim to become an employer of choice, improve the loyalty and retention of your people, achieve greater alignment with your cultural values, boost performance, or enhance the engagement of your employees – Sodexo Engage gives you the tools and the power to make it happen.

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