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Essential savings for your employees, whenever, wherever!

28 November 2023

For most of November, we’ll see Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings banners promoting a new deal whenever we click on a website. Many of us use this opportunity to get cheaper Christmas gifts, and it helps – the retailers and our budgets – but surely, it’s best to give our employees the chance to save every day of the year. Whether it’s essential spending or a special purchase, read on to discover how employee benefits stretch salaries further.

When you look further than the discounts, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are pretty contentious.

Some brands boycott the frenzy altogether due to the environmental implications of people buying things they may not actually need. Then, there are warnings to consumers that not all deals are genuine, with some prices inflated to make savings appear greater than they are.


As a nation, the anticipated spend was £3 billion over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with a per-person average of £113 (Finder). It’s a significant figure but one that’s seen a steady decline since 2021.


Are Brits becoming disillusioned with Black Friday deals, or are we tightening our belts during the cost-of-living crisis?


Whether you embrace or boycott the sales, there’s no denying that money-saving opportunities are essential, especially in the build-up to Christmas. However, at Pluxee UK, we believe in the power of helping employees make their money go further every single day, whether they’re buying something special or doing their weekly shop.


Essential savings on… everything!


Your employees can’t always wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to come around to make the most of the savings potential, and judging by the average per person spend of £113, they aren’t. Because your people can’t always delay purchasing the things they need, money-saving opportunities should always be available to them.


This is where employee benefits help.


Financial Wellbeing Guide


Everyday discounts


Our Employee Discounts Platform becomes part of your employees’ everyday lives. Whether it’s the weekly shop, baby products, school uniform, a trip to the cinema, a day out, a holiday or the latest tech – your employees have the chance to save up to 20% every time they access our discounts. 


Simple, inclusive, and effective in stretching your employees’ salaries and building an EVP that will reduce employee turnover.


  • Step one: Choose the retailer you wish to shop with.

  • Step two: Select the value of the voucher to suit your needs.

  • Step three: The discount arrives in your eWallet, which you can access via a handy App.

  • Step four: Spend it!


Where’s the saving?


Our retailer discounts vary, but if, for example, your employees purchase an eVoucher from a retailer offering a 7% discount, a voucher that is worth £100 in-store or online would only cost them £93. That’s a £7 saving.


Encourage employees to use their employee discounts. These small savings, available daily, build up and make a significant impact.


“When employers offer their employees cashback-earning and discount schemes, their workforce can save up to £1,679.” Graham James, Director, Pluxee UK


Unlimited cashback


Our Pluxee Card is another impactful way to give your employees the chance to stretch their salaries by earning up to 15% cashback every time they use their Pluxee Card to pay with one of our (over 80) participating retailers.


Top it up to keep spending and earning!


Much like our Employee Discounts Platform, there’s no limit on how much cashback your employees can earn because they can top up the card as and when needed, using it as an alternative payment method.


Use it worldwide, wherever Visa prepaid is accepted, but for the most impact, with one of our many high-end and high street partners.


Cashback in action!


If your employees spend £129 in a supermarket offering 4% cashback using their Pluxee Card, they’ll earn £5.16 in cashback. Repeat that process 52 weeks of the year, and that’s £268.32 cashback earned simply by selecting the Pluxee Card to pay over their standard debit card.


We’re not talking about high-value or occasional spending where retailers use cashback to incentivise your employees to part with their money. We’re talking about their essential purchases – no gimmicks, nothing extra required – just an impactful way to help their money go further, whatever the day of the year.


A smarter way to pay


We’re incredibly excited about SmartPay. Our newest financial wellbeing benefit is a salary deduct offering, stretching the cost of higher value items via your employees' weekly or monthly pay over an agreed period.


Think broken washing machine, slow laptop… think SmartPay!


We've designed SmartPay to help employees afford more of what matters, whether that’s new bedroom furniture, the latest gadget, or the kit they need to pursue their hobbies and passions. Better still, we’re bringing the widest range of retailers in the salary deduct market to their door!


Introduce the everyday savings that matter with Pluxee UK


Whatever your ambitions for 2024 are – be it increasing engagement, reducing employee turnover, or offering meaningful support, helping employees save throughout the year is an effective way to create loyal employees.


Get tactical with your employee benefits….


When you embed our Employee Discounts Platform into your business, you can add SmartPay at no extra cost, making it a cost-neutral employee benefit.


As for our Pluxee Card… use it as an employee benefit where your employees top up their own funds, make it part of your reward and recognition strategy by delivering bonuses to their balance, and use it to incentivise consumers. It’s as adaptable as your business and as flexible as you need it to be. It also ticks the box for your CSR credentials and is available as a virtual-only offering or with a physical card made from recycled PVC.


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