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Save money & energy with Green Cars… our electric car salary sacrifice scheme

17 January 2024

Big Energy Saving Week encourages us to explore how we can save energy in our homes and lives. It’s great for the environment and our bank balance since making energy-efficient choices saves money in the long term. During this blog, we’ll explore how our Green Car offering – an electric car salary sacrifice scheme – helps to reduce carbon emissions and delivers savings for employees and businesses. Read on to discover why so many UK employees are choosing an electric car salary sacrifice scheme, and how this increased uptake can benefit your business.

The role of EV cars during Big Energy Saving Week

Lower emissions + financial savings = a benefit to people and the planet!


Big Energy Saving Week challenges UK consumers and homeowners to hunt for more cost-effective energy providers, better insulate their homes, and even check whether they’re eligible for financial support.


There’s much we can do to save energy in our homes - the small changes that can make a big impact. At Pluxee UK, we’re encouraging employers to bring the campaign onto the road, making it easier for their employees to adopt greener ways of travelling.


With businesses and the people behind the wheel set to make short and long-term savings, there’s no better time to explore the positive impact an electric car salary sacrifice scheme can have.


Green energy – big savings!


Let’s look at a VW Golf 1.5 TSI… driving this car 10,000 miles per year would cost £1,491.39 in fuel.


Compare that to one of VW’s EV cars, the VW ID3, where driving the same distance would cost £741.35 in charging.


That’s a £750.04 reduction in running costs, and the savings don’t end there!*


The truth about EV cars…

There’s a vast difference between perception and reality, with 34% of non-EV car drivers believing that the charging network isn’t yet at a point where it will meet their needs (EV Driver Survey Report 2023).


The stats coming from EV car owners paint a different story and…


  • 91% of EV car drivers wouldn’t go back to a petrol or diesel car.

  • 91% of EV car drivers are satisfied or very satisfied with their vehicle.


Regarding the capacity of the charging network, 75% of EV car drivers use public charging once per month or less, with most of their charging happening at home.


Salary Sacrifice – a benefit for all!

Did you know that if just 30 of your employees enrolled on our Green Car salary sacrifice scheme, it could generate more than £100,000 in class 1 employer NIC savings (salary dependent)?


The more employees that take up our Green Car scheme = the more savings for your business!


Employees save, too, enjoying a reduction in Tax and NI contributions whilst they make the salary sacrifice repayments for their EV car. This is money they can put into a pot for the future or help them afford more of what really matters.


Electric car salary sacrifice schemes, like our Green Car solution, save employees and employers money - with the extra bonus of reducing carbon emissions. The financial and environmental benefits are clear, but there are other reasons to consider offering your employees an EV car salary sacrifice scheme.


Why energy efficiency matters in business

Salary sacrifice is an effective way to make employee benefits cost-neutral, using the savings to fund further employee wellbeing initiatives. Discover more in our blog - Salary Sacrifice: Making employee benefits cost-neutral.


Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025, and they’re looking for socially responsible employers (Team Stage).



  • 93% of employees believe companies must lead with purpose (Porter Novelli).

  • 90% of employees who work at companies with a strong sense of purpose say they’re more inspired, motivated, and loyal (Porter Novelli). 

  • 64% of young people don’t think the government is doing enough to avoid a climate crisis and expect their employers to act responsibly. 


Consumers, clients, partners – even potential employees are making sustainability-driven choices. How your workforce commutes to the office or travels for business forms part of your organisation’s carbon footprint. Helping your employees adopt greener, more energy-efficient transport reduces your output, enhancing your ever-important CSR credentials.


Financial Wellbeing Guide


Why choose Pluxee UK?

It’s clear that electric car salary sacrifice schemes are a benefit to employees and employers.


One question remains… what makes us different?


With our Green Car scheme, you can:


  • Purchase any make or model of EV car, and vehicles in stock are available immediately.

  • From an intuitive quotation platform to pre-order, post-order and in-life support – it’s all delivered by UK-based employee and driver support teams.

  • Mitigate the risk to your business in scenarios such as resignation, redundancy, retirement, and TUPE. You can also make provisions for maternity, paternity and shared parental leave alongside long-term sickness and a wide variety of health-related scenarios that may impact an employee’s salary.**

  • Be inclusive of lower earners within your organisation by extending your Green Car salary sacrifice scheme to low and ultra-low-emission cars in addition to zero-emission EV cars.


EV cars are on the rise. They’re good for our planet and finances, which is particularly important during times of crisis when every penny counts. The reality is that an employee could purchase or lease an EV car directly from a distributor. As an employer, you don’t need to be involved in the process, but… why wouldn’t you want to be when you can make such substantial savings?


80% of petrol or diesel drivers say they would choose an EV car, if available through a salary sacrifice scheme, because of the additional tax and NI savings (EV Driver Survey Report 2023).


Request a call today and become an employer that delivers the solutions its employees want and reap the benefits that follow.




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