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19 September 2023

Employees are turning to their employer for support during the cost-of-living crisis, and your next potential rising star is comparing your employee benefits offering to your competition. A cost-effective and sustainable employee benefits offering is more important than ever – read on to discover how our employee discounts platform helps you achieve it.

61% of employees want their place of work to support them more with the cost-of-living crisis, and 74% of employees say that the employee benefits on offer form an integral part of the decision-making process when offered a new role.

An attractive benefit offering stretches salaries further and is often more cost-effective and impactful than a one-off cash bonus.

A 2023 report found that 72% of employers had to offer higher salaries than anticipated to secure talent (HR Review). This cost of doing business is high, and offering higher than anticipated salaries to secure talent isn’t viable for every business.

Salary-stretching employee benefits are a cost-effective and sustainable alternative. Costing your business a fraction of a per-head pay rise, an employee discounts platform puts the power to save in your employees’ hands.

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More of what employees need

What employees consider as a ‘need’ will vary, but there are daily essentials we can’t do without.

Feeding our families is getting more expensive, but you can alleviate the burden for your employees.

By embedding our Employee Benefits Platform into your business, you can open your employees up to a world of possible savings. Accessible via iOS, Android or desktop, your employees can purchase discounted eVouchers with popular supermarket retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, M&S, Morrisons, Asda, and Waitrose and save money on the weekly shop.


More of what employees want…

Whatever that happens to be!

We can provide your employees discounts with over 100 high street chains, 26 restaurant chains, over 42 entertainment venues, and lots of independent stores, too – that’s over 130,000 locations across the UK! 

More moments of fun with the family, dinner with friends, that little something extra to make your people feel special. It’s these small moments that make life more joyful – and you can make it happen.

The more your people use our Pluxee Discounts – the more money they can save, alleviating the burden of the rising cost of living.


Improve health and wellbeing

With our Employee Benefits Platform, your employees can enjoy savings with their favourite sports retailers, including Nike, Foot Locker, Adidas, Decathlon and Halfords.

Make a new pair of trainers, walking boots, at-home gym equipment or a new bike more affordable and promote healthier lifestyle choices.

Exercise improves physical and mental health, but there’s a social element to consider, too.

It’s another string to your bow, a way to strengthen the value of your employee benefits offering and increase employee wellbeing.

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Cost-effective employee benefits

Employee benefits come with a per-person investment that’s significantly lower than offering a pay rise or an annual bonus at Christmas.

Employee discounts have no cap, and the amount employees can save has no limits. They just need to utilise the discounts available regularly to make significant savings, which means your investment in employee benefits can stretch further than a one-off bonus.

Remember why you're offering employee benefits to your workforce.

Gone are the days of them being just a perk or a nice-to-have. They serve a purpose, reap business benefits, and offer a return on investment.

We’ll explore a few of the business perks that follow when you embed salary-stretching employee benefits into your business.


Boost engagement

Highly engaged employees can increase productivity by 17%.

There are many ways to increase employee engagement, and helping your people afford more of what matters in their lives is just one of them. As is showing them that you’re in their corner, supporting them when times are tough, and improving their quality of life.

Don’t underestimate the power of happy and loyal employees – they don’t just come to work to do their job; they’re passionate about your business and want to help it thrive.


Attract talent, retain your people

74% of employees say that the employee benefits on offer form an integral part of the decision-making process when offered a new role.

Employee benefits form part of your Employee Value Proposition, and potential employees are reviewing this when they consider applying for a role with your business. Culture, flexibility, salary, and values matter – but a fixed salary only goes so far.

Employee benefits offer more, and the talent is scrutinising yours.

Recruiting new employees is expensive. Having vacant roles for extended periods impacts productivity and can cause additional stress to those who remain. Ensure you make the money-saving opportunities known when you advertise a new position, as it can be a bargaining tool when negotiating salaries.

This also applies to those considering whether to leave your business. Retain your talent by making your employee benefits offering too good to walk away from.


Pluxee UK… A Partner that Gives More

Whether it be becoming an employer of choice, improving the loyalty and retention of your people, a greater alignment to your cultural values, achieving higher performance or ultimately improving engagement, our company – Pluxee UK gives you the tools and the power to make it happen.

Our account managers are on hand to ensure your employee benefits offering is a success, and our in-house marketers will ensure your people take advantage of every chance to make a saving.

Arrange a call today to discover how we’ll use our over 60 years of experience to help your people and business thrive.



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