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The art of rewarding your people at Christmas

26 October 2023

Something they want, something they need, give them a treat and watch your business succeed. There’s an art to rewarding your people in a way they’ll truly appreciate and remember whilst making it sustainable for you.

Did you know that we’re one of the leading UK digital voucher suppliers?


By building powerful and trusted partnerships with our clients, merchants and consumers, we can provide you with the best choice of retailers and money-saving deals.


We’re a business, too!


We understand that your Christmas rewards and incentives strategy needs to be cost-effective and sustainable. Flexibility and freedom are essential, and with two leading solutions available - eVoucher Cheques and eVoucher Codes - you can choose the best value and most impactful offering for your business and people.


Dear Pluxee, my Christmas rewards must…


1. Give my employees the freedom to choose

Freedom of choice + higher employee uptake = more moments of joy!


If you want to let your employees decide where to spend their rewards, our eVoucher Cheques are the perfect solution. We have over 100 of the UK’s favourite high-end and high street retailers to choose from.


2. Allow me to limit the retailer options

We understand that your Christmas rewards strategy may form part of a wider company initiative. If it’s important to you to help your people with their weekly grocery shop, you can restrict your eVoucher Cheques to our range of supermarkets.


The UK is cutting back on dining out. You can help make a trip to the restaurant with family and friends more affordable.


Social connections boost employee wellbeing, making their lives more joyful.


3. Be cost-effective… are there perks to buying in bulk?


You love a great deal… we hear you!


Can your team cope without their morning coffee? Do you want to help them get more active? Perhaps you want to create more moments of joy for employees and customers by gifting them trips to the cinema with the family.


If you prefer to select one retailer to spend with, our eVoucher Codes are the perfect choice, and we can offer an additional discount when you buy in bulk.*


4. Not charge me for what isn’t used!

Oh… you appreciate a transparent and fair billing policy? So do we!


If you purchase eVoucher Codes in bulk, we invoice for the total quantity ordered. However, we bill you for your eVoucher Cheques once your employees redeem them. We won't bill you if an employee doesn’t take advantage of your generosity and redeem their eVoucher Cheque.


Unredeemed eVoucher Cheques = budget to reinvest in another wellbeing initiative.


5. Be able to deal with a last-minute request

We understand the nature of the game and that you can’t always finalise your budgets months in advance.


2023 has been a hectic and challenging year, but don’t worry; Pluxee is in your corner. We can accept and fulfil eVoucher orders placed up to three days before Christmas!


6. Be personable  

Your Christmas rewards are an opportunity to keep your name and brand in your employees’ minds, so they know precisely who to thank.


If you must have a branded and personalised solution, then our eVoucher Cheques are the employee reward for you.


7. Not create more admin


If not taking on any extra administrative duties is an essential part of your Christmas rewards strategy, you’ll love our eVoucher Cheques. We can email them directly to your employees, giving you time to focus on more important tasks.


If you’re thinking that our single-retailer eVoucher Codes are the best choice for your business, keep in mind that we can only send them to one central location.


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8. Make an impact


Now you understand the ins and outs of our voucher solutions, and which is the best option for you, we can explore how they make such a significant impact on your employees.


9. Deliver something they want…


Our research found that 75% of employees feel more loyal towards their employer when they’re supporting them.


To afford the rising cost of living, 54% of Brits have cut back on luxury items, 42% cut on cosmetics, and 34% have cut back on pursuing a hobby.


Self-care is for life, not just for Christmas.


Fitness fanatics, explorers and nature lovers can buy the kit they need to feed their passion and get out and about. An eVoucher spent at one of the UK’s biggest sports outlets could buy a new pair of trainers, fishing rod, or even a tent. Those craving luxury could purchase top-brand beauty products from a high-end retailer or cover the cost of a massage with change to spare!


10. Bring something they need…


32% of households are making cuts on staple essential food items.


The average weekly shop for a family of four costs approximately £129. Gift your customers or employees with a £100 eVoucher to spend with one of our supermarket retailers this Christmas, and that’s almost one week of shopping covered.


Bring more moments of joy to the lives of your employees and consumers – and their families with a digital eVoucher as versatile as them.


Partner with Pluxee UK to deliver employee rewards with impact during Christmas and beyond! 

With an extensive range of retailers and a fair and transparent billing policy, Pluxee UK is the partner you need to deliver an impactful Christmas your employees will remember.


Reward and retain your people the Pluxee way – arrange a call to find out how.





* Terms and conditions for eVoucher Codes and eVoucher Cheques vary. Discounts on bulk eVoucher Codes are dependent on quantities and retailers. Please speak to a member of the team for more information.