Financial Wellbeing

Employee Cashback - Create Opportunities for All

24 February 2021

Our Pluxee Card and Online Cashback solutions are employee benefits that open up a world of opportunities for your people and business. You may hear the term cashback often since it’s regularly used to entice consumers to make high-end purchases. That’s a different world to cashback as an employee benefit. Read on to discover what cashback can do for your people and business.

Financial wellbeing – strengthen your strategy with our Pluxee Card

61% of employees want their employer to do more to help them during the cost-of-living crisis.

Discounts & cashback + financial education = salaries stretched further!

Grabbing a bargain makes us feel good. Beyond that, savings and cashback are crucial in today's climate.

We’ve partnered with over 80 retailers to bring you our Pluxee Card. Powered by Visa, your employees can earn up to 15% cashback when they use it to pay for goods online and in-store with a participating retailer.

In the UK, 11.5 million people have less than £100 in savings (FCS) - less than the cost of a weekly shop for a family of four.

At Pluxee UK, we want your people to have as many opportunities as possible to stretch their salaries further. There are things in life we can’t live without – our daily essentials like the weekly shop, which is why we partner with the UK’s leading supermarket chains, offering cashback on the things you want and need.

Your employees can earn cashback every day!

Whether they use their cashback earnings to reduce the cost of their next shop, contribute to an energy bill or help with the cost of Christmas – you can put the power to earn while they spend in employees’ hands.


The Pluxee Card: How it works

There are technical elements to consider when we talk about our Pluxee Card. Cashback may give your employees extra funds, but we refer to them as earnings instead of savings.

The cashback earning potential of the weekly shop…

Your employees shop with one of our participating retailers offering (as an example) 4% cashback. Their bill comes to £129; they use their Pluxee Card as payment, and from that £129 spent, they earn £5.16 worth of cashback. It doesn’t go in your bank or come off your bill – you spend the whole £129 at the point of purchase.

Cashback benefits come a little later when the % earned appears in your Pluxee Card account as an available balance.

£5.16 cashback earnings per weekly shop x 52 weeks a year = £268.32 in cashback earnings.

With over 80 participating retailers, the potential to earn cashback with our Pluxee Card is limited only by how often your employees use it.


More of what matters with Online Cashback

Our Pluxee Card allows your employees to earn cashback with over 80 retailers, but our Online Cashback platform has over 400 cashback offers!

Available as part of our Employee Benefits Platform, Online Cashback is available alongside our Employee Discounts, giving your people more opportunities to stretch their salaries.

Employee Discounts and Online Cashback… what’s the difference?

You may access both via the same platform, but Employee Discounts and Online Cashback are fundamentally different.

Employee Discounts: We partner with over 150 retailers, enabling your employees to purchase a discounted eVoucher to spend with their chosen retailers. Retailer discounts vary, with some offering up to 20% off.

The saving happens at the point of sale, as per the example below…

Employee purchases an £80 retailer eVoucher + retailer applies a 7% discount (£5.60) = Employee spends £74.40 on an eVoucher worth £80!

Let’s apply this exact situation and value to Online Cashback… 

Employee clicks onto an Online Cashback offer and purchases an item/s for £80 + retailer applies 7% cashback (£5.60) to the sale = Employee spends £80 at the point of sale but £5.60 is returned to their account as cashback.

Given the time required to process the transaction, the cashback isn’t immediately returned.

Whichever option they choose, a discounted voucher or cashback offer, your employee will have spent the same amount. With discounts, the £5.60 never leaves their account, but with cashback, it’s spent and then returned after the processing period.


Cashback – the opportunities for your business

There’s no disputing that cashback is great for your employees, stretching their salaries further, allowing them to afford more of the things that bring them joy and helping to alleviate their money worries.

What are the benefits to your business?

The strength of your Employee Value Proposition determines how quickly you can recruit fresh talent, retain loyal employees, reduce absenteeism, increase employee engagement, and so much more!

75% of employees feel more loyal towards their employer if they feel supported = higher rates of employee retention.

Employee benefits are so much more than a perk of the job. As we’ve detailed in the blog, they provide significant financial support.

74% of employees state that the benefits package being offered by a potential employer forms an integral part of their decision-making process.

Recruiting new talent can be an expensive and lengthy process. Shorten yours by offering a financial and lifestyle-improving employee benefits package, which includes cashback-earning opportunities.

Why partner with Pluxee UK?

We’ve established what cashback can offer your business and people, but what about the difference partnering with Pluxee UK can make?

In today’s fast-moving and unpredictable business context, every advantage helps. As a business, you need a trusted partner you can rely on to always be there – even when unexpected challenges appear.

At Pluxee UK, we build powerful partnerships with our clients, merchants and consumers. Whether it be becoming an employer of choice, improving the loyalty and retention of your people, a greater alignment to your cultural values, achieving higher performance or ultimately enhancing the engagement of your employees – Pluxee gives you the tools and the power to make it happen. Arrange a call to find out how.