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eVouchers... an impactful & inclusive employee reward

21 April 2023

When it comes to saying thank you to your people, there's a balancing act between finding the perfect employee reward and your business's budget. There are many employee rewards examples on the market, and your employees' wants, needs, and preferences will all vary. Your employee rewards must be inclusive, impactful, and sustainable. We're here to explain why Pluxee eVouchers tick all those boxes... and more.

50% of employees agree that receiving gratitude and recognition from management improves their relationships with company leaders (Eadion). 


Rewarding and reinforcing behaviours = higher rates of productivity and loyalty.


What kind of employee rewards will resonate with your people?

We discuss non-financial employee rewards examples here - Let's talk non-financial employee rewards – and the benefits they bring to your rewards strategy. 


Money talks, but cash incentives can lack a personal touch. Extra money in the wage slip can get lost and used towards the scheduled payments and bills instead of something special.


At Pluxee UK, we offer two eVoucher solutions - eVoucher Codes and eVoucher Cheques. Both are versatile and bring unrivalled choices of retailers, but they do have their differences. Our eVouchers are an impactful alternative to a cash incentive. An employee reward that you can personalise to your brand and unique to your people: they’re like cash but better!


Employees can redeem their eVoucher Cheques with one of the over 100 retailers we partner with. eVoucher Codes are slightly different as they’re ideal when buying in bulk with one specific retailer. Still, the fact that your employees must select or spend with your chosen retailer means they connect with the reward. When you deliver your employee rewards via an eVoucher, it won’t get swallowed up by monthly bills. Instead, your employees will get something tangible, be it a product or experience. Memories matter, especially when they bring more moments of joy.


Employee rewards encourage your workforce to continue smashing their targets, model behaviours, and align with your core values. A rewarding culture is a happy culture, helping to engage and retain your talent.


Engaged employees generate 43% more revenue for businesses when compared to companies with disengaged workforces (Hay Group). 


Pluxee UK People Strategy Guide


Why are eVouchers so effective as an employee reward?

As well as being eco-friendly and cost-effective, our Pluxee eVouchers are versatile and flexible. 


What are the benefits of using Pluxee eVouchers for your employee rewards strategy?


You don’t have all day, so we’ll list just a few…


  1. Freedom of choice – particularly with our eVoucher Cheques, where your employees can select their retailers, guaranteeing there’s something for everyone and the experience is personal.

  2. Instant delivery! We send our vouchers digitally, straight to your employees’ inbox or a central location. Once received, your employees can redeem their rewards immediately.

  3. No geographical barriers. It doesn’t matter if your workforce is remote or in multiple offices. You can issue our eVouchers on mass to various locations simultaneously for maximum impact.

  4. Tight on budget? Then listen closely… eVoucher Codes are retailer-specific, and when you buy in bulk, you can negotiate a discount.* As for our eVoucher Cheques… we only bill them on redemption. If your employees don’t redeem them, we won’t charge you. 

  5. Time efficiency! If you’re issuing employee rewards to the whole business using our eVoucher Cheques, we can handle the admin by sending them directly to each employee.

  6. Carbon footprint reduction! Pluxee eVouchers are digital. There’s no need to print anything. Your employees simply use their code in-store or online. 


Employee rewards are more impactful when they resonate, and to do so, they must be inclusive and meet each employee’s unique interests or needs. This is where eVoucher Cheques come into their own because your people get to choose how and where to spend it. 


They can put it towards the weekly shop during a tough month, a present for a loved one, the latest tech, a meal out, a trip to the cinema or a weekend away… the possibilities are endless!


The art of rewarding your people: Something they want, something they need, give them a treat and watch your business succeed!


Our exclusive research of over 1,000 UK employees found that reward and recognition was at the top of the list of employee priorities.


66% of employees would leave their roles if they felt unappreciated by their employer - that’s how vital recognition is in reducing the risk of high employee turnover rates.


What are you waiting for? Harness the power of your employee rewards strategy today with Pluxee UK!

For help deciding whether eVoucher Codes or eVoucher Cheques are the best choice, have a read of our blog on the art of rewarding your people at Christmas. You could also download our guide to eVouchers for Christmas 2023. Whilst we've written both for employers exploring Christmas gifts and rewards, our digital eVouchers are available all year round and for any occasion.


We’re one of the leading UK digital voucher suppliers! By building powerful and trusted partnerships with our clients, merchants and consumers, we can provide you with the best choice of retailers and money-saving deals.


Contact one of our employee engagement consultants today to kick-start or enhance your employee rewards strategy.







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*Terms and conditions for eVoucher Codes and eVoucher Cheques vary. Discounts on bulk eVoucher Codes are dependent on quantities and retailers. Please speak to a member of the team for more information.