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Cleaner Commuting Made Affordable

26 July 2023

The government and environmental groups are calling for the world to adopt cleaner methods of transportation. Most of us hear the call and understand the importance, but the reality is that we need our cars to get around and do our jobs. Investing in an electric vehicle is the obvious solution, but this is an expense many can’t afford.
Or can they…?
During this blog, we’ll explore two ways you can make cleaner and greener commuting more affordable for your people and save money for your business, too!

Statistics from 2021 suggest we’re a nation of walkers, and we made 82% of trips under one mile on foot. However, as soon as we cross that one-mile mark, the car takes over. 67% of journeys between one and five miles were made by car, and that figure rises as the distance gets longer (National Travel Survey).


Why we love our cars...


Location impacts car usage. For example, those living in London are more likely to use public transport than navigate the busy streets – especially if they work in a low-emission zone and face extra charges.


When we move to the suburbs or the countryside, the situation changes. Not all roads are safe for pedestrians, and the quality of the UK’s cycle paths varies from county to county.


Safety is a concern and not one to belittle.


Then there’s the matter of appearance. Many offices have adopted a ‘business casual’ dress code, but our employees may still need to make an effort occasionally.


The UK weather is… unpredictable.


Employees needing to meet with senior leaders or clients will want to look their best, and travelling by car means they can maintain a tidy appearance.


This may seem trivial to those focusing on the climate, but in day-to-day life of being at work, making a good impression, and helping your business to thrive – it’s a point of consideration.


Money-saving scheme + reduction in environmental impact = increased financial and mental wellbeing.


Making Green Cars affordable for all...


If there’s no option but to travel by car, make the vehicles your employees use more environmentally friendly.


Our Green Car offering is a salary sacrifice scheme that helps your employees afford a low-emission car, reducing the cost of their daily commute and carbon footprint.


Spreading the cost via monthly salary deductions makes purchasing a new car more affordable. Better still, every employee taking our Green Car scheme will save on their monthly tax bill and National Insurance Contributions.


So much more than a salary-stretching offering!


Low-emission vehicles are cheaper to run than petrol or diesel alternatives, which means your employees also save on the costs of keeping their new car on the road.


Get on your bike...


We ran a survey for Bike Week in May to understand how employees commuted to work and whether they had access to a Cycle to Work scheme.


64.20% of the employees interviewed had access to a Cycle to Work scheme, but only 24.70% took advantage of it.


The remaining 75.30% had reasons for not engaging with their Cycle to Work employee benefit, but many could be overcome – especially when you understand the benefits of cycling.


So much more than a financial benefit…


Our Cycle to Work scheme helps your employees spread the cost of their dream bike and save up to 42% in tax and National Insurance Contributions.


Other perks of the scheme include improved physical health, enhanced mental wellbeing, and a fully managed and consumer-first solution with no hidden end-of-hire charges.


Making cycling to work a viable option


There are practicalities to consider when it comes to cycling. Our Bike Week research found that a lack of showering facilities at work was one of the main reasons employees chose not to cycle.


Cycling is a physical activity… 


On warmer days, your employees will get sweaty and on rainy days, they’re going to get wet and muddy. Understandably, they’ll want to get cleaned up before they sit at their desk and mingle with colleagues and clients.


If your workspace doesn’t have showering facilities, perhaps it’s time to look into adding them. There is a cost associated, but if the result is an increase in the uptake of your Cycle to Work scheme – it’s worth exploring.


Increased scheme engagement = more chances to save and a reduction in your business emissions.



Your business saves money, too!


Healthy, highly engaged employees are a business benefit and a productivity booster, too.


For every employee that takes up a Cycle to Work or Green Car salary sacrifice scheme, your business will save up to 13.8% on National Insurance payments.


Some employers invest the scheme savings in a fleet of bikes, either to use as part of their business operations or to allow employees to use them – an excellent way to get people back into cycling.


Pluxee UK... your partner in championing a greener commute


Carbon footprint reduction, lower running costs, and mutual savings each month... we can agree these are appealing reasons for helping employees afford a new bike or low-emission vehicle benefits all.


Arrange a call to discover how easy it is to embed our Cycle to Work and Green Car schemes into your business today and open up a world of opportunities tomorrow.





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