3 Activities to Create a Positive Work Environment

The average british worker will spend 84,171 hours at work during their career

But are you providing your employees with the best experience you can during those hours?

We all want to work somewhere we feel happy, where we can bring our whole selves to work, and where we can truly thrive. After all, the average British worker will spend 84,171 hours at work during the course of their career (Association of Accounting Technician’s). So, it really is important to find a place we feel settled and happy.

To try and drive financial success, some companies have a high-pressure environment believing that it will be better for business. But that’s not usually the case! A positive workplace culture can actually be more effective in boosting productivity, creativity, and profitability.

So being happy at work is not only good for employees, but also for your business too! However, creating a positive work environment is easier said than done!

Here’s the benefits of a positive workplace and 3 ways you can create one in your organisation:


The benefits of a positive work environment:

According to research from Deloitte, 95% of company executives and 88% of employees think that a positive culture is an essential part of business success, and it’s easy to see why. Here are just a few benefits the research found of good work environment:

  • Increase in employee happiness by as much as 33%
  • Decreases in employee turnover by as much as 58%
  • Increases in company revenue by 33%
  • Boosts in productivity, creativity, and profitability
  • Prevents or reduces long-term sick leave

Activities to create a positive work environment:

There are some clear benefits from focussing on creating a happy and healthy workplace culture, but how can you do so? Here are just 3 ideas to get you started:

1. Host company events:

Research from the Centre for Talent Innovation shows that a collective spirit and sense of belonging can boost a company’s success by increasing productivity, motivation and engagement by as much as 350%! One way you can do that is hosting events, whether they’re physical, virtual or a bit of both!

When thinking of the types of events you want to host, remember to cater for all your employees. As we all come from different backgrounds and lifestyles try to offer events that are suitable for everyone, at least some of the time.

At Sodexo, we sent everyone a picnic hamper and gave them a Friday afternoon off to encourage them to get together with their small teams across the country both remotely and in person. The traditional Christmas party is always a popular option too! You could always ask your employees want they want to see more of, the results may surprise you.

2. Recognise hard work:

Recognising your employees who are working hard will show them that the work they are doing is acknowledged and appreciated, encourages them to keep up the great work and other employees to strive for the same level.

There are many ways you can recognise your teams including a shout out in staff meetings, or you could implement a recognition platform. These are a great way for you to say thank you to your employees and allow them to recognise each other too!

Rewards like eVouchers are another good option to recognise your teams and give them something tangible as a thank you.

3. Create a comfortable work environment (or help them to create their own)!

It’s understandable that our physical comfort will impact how we feel at work, whether your employees are remote working, in the office, or a bit of both!

Ask your employees about what they need from their workspace. It could be helping them set up an office space at home with a proper desk and ergonomic chair. Or, for your employees who choose to work in the office they might want a quiet place to work undisturbed, more meeting areas or even standing desks!


How we can help:

If you’re not sure where to start with using rewards and recognition to create a positive work environment, we can help! Get in touch with our experts today to see what options there are available and which one is right for your business.

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