Personality Tests – What’s the Difference?

Infographic: From Myers-Briggs to IPIP, these workplace personality tests could help you get to know your employees a little better

Understanding a bit more about your employees – how they work and what they’re looking for in their job – is an essential part of creating a company culture that really cares, as well as an important tool for motivation and engagement.

There are plenty of workplace personality tests that you can give your employees, each with a slightly different approach to helping you get to know people.

Here we’ve taken a quick look at three of the most popular tests that are commonly used in workplaces around the world by managers looking to build successful company cultures, nurture different personalities and just trying understand their staff a little bit better!

Once you’ve learned a bit more about each different test, why not try our quiz to find out which one will work best for you?



Find out how understanding your sales team's different personalities can help you hit your sales targets