How Cashback Cards Can Help Your Employees' Financial Wellbeing

employee wellbeing has many aspects to it

From physical to mental health, but did you know it includes financial wellbeing?

When we think of employee wellbeing, we will often think of mental and physical wellbeing. But our staff’s financial wellbeing is important too. When we have money troubles this can cause stress and anxiety, which can have an affect on our mental health and physical health.

One way to help with your employee’s financial wellbeing is to review salary in line with living expenses. But if your company isn’t in the position to offer pay rises there are other ways you can help. One of those ways is giving your employees a cashback card.

We look at how cashback cards can help your employee’s financial wellbeing…


What is financial wellbeing?

Financial wellbeing is all about being able to manage our money, plan our finances and cope with any unexpected challenges. One way you can help improve your employee’s financial wellbeing is by removing the stigma around experiencing money pressures, as well as providing them with the education, tools and support they need to manage their finances.


What are cashback cards:

Our cashback cards are Visa cards that can be topped up with funds instantly on an app and then used in multiple retailers, both online and instore. Once you’ve used the cashback to buy something, from your food shop to some new trainers, you will get a percentage of what your spent back.


Cashback cards for business:

As an employer you can offer your staff an employee cashback card. This gives them access to up to 15% on everyday purchases.

You can also use cashback cards to reward your employees by topping up their card instantly to celebrate anything from long-service, an on-the-spot prize, or just for being a good employee.

Our cashback cards can be branded with your colours and logo, so that you’re front of mind when your employees are saving money.


Benefits of cashback cards for you, and your employees:

  • They can work instore, contactless, online and using Apple pay and Google pay
  • There’s an average saving of £500 per year per employee
  • Access to exclusive cashback offers
  • Up to 15% cashback at multiple retailers
  • Dedicated app to track spend, card balance and top up funds instantly
  • Increased employee engagement with the choice and security of a prepaid card, and the benefits of cashback


Our Top 5 categories you can get cashback at:

1. Food and Drinks: with our card you can get cashback on your weekly food shop at Sainsburys, Asda, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose. You can also save on your wine with Laithwaites.

2. Health & Fitness: from saving money on new trainers to vitamins and everyday toiletries, our card can give you cashback in stores like Boots and Nike.

3. DIY: for many, DIY has been big in the last year, and with our card your employees can save money on their home improvements when shopping at stores like Wilko and B&Q.

4. Homeware: It’s not just DIY that has been big in the last year, homeware has too. Whether it’s a new desk at Argos or replacing your carpets with Carpetright, our card can help you save!

5. Fashion: whether you’ve purchased more athleisure than ever before or just giving your wardrobe a new refresh, saving money on clothes is always a win. From Primark to Clarks, there’s cashback to be had for all your employees.


How to find out more:

To find out more about how our online cashback can help your employees, click here. Or, if you would like to speak to one of our experts in employee benefits, why not get in touch? They can help you provide a well-rounded employee benefits package to help your employee’s stay physically, mentally and financially well.

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