Improving Quality of Life at Work for SME Employees

Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of you

Improved quality of life in the workplace leads to improved engagement and the retention of employees. Improving employee satisfaction can improve a company’s performance, as a happy employee leads to a happy customer.

Our colleagues at Sodexo Group recently conducted a survey of 4,805 SME leaders in seven countries, and found that investing in initiatives and benefits to improve the quality of life at work is not only beneficial to employees’ wellbeing – it's also good for business, with an increased financial turnover for 70% of SME surveyed.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SMES improve quality of life for their employees

Our survey found some amazing trends among SMEs that really went the extra mile in improving quality of life for the people in their organisation:

  • 86% of SMEs reported increases in productivity after starting a quality of life initiative, while 74% saw an increase in sales as a result of improving work/life balance.
  • 71% of SMEs believe that rewarding individual performance boosts sales, while 95% think recognising employees' efforts increases company performance across the board.
  • 73% of SMEs have seen an increase in absenteeism as a result of investing in quality of life.
  • 93% of SMEs have seen an improvement in the atmosphere at work.


So, what do you need to do? Keep reading for our tips on improving quality of life for your employees.

Support health and wellbeing

For a high-quality work environment, supporting nutrition and fitness can help to reduce stress among employees. Why not replace the sweets and biscuits in meeting rooms with healthy options such as fresh fruit and nuts, or hire in a yoga instructor for the lunch period and let employees sign up?

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Make it easier

Don’t make do with a slow system just because you’ve always had it. Implementing new systems and innovative schemes can help make your employees’ work life easier and more efficient. Employees work best with minimal interruptions, and it can be stressful having to stop and start a job due to a bad connection or manual process.

Improve the environment

There are many small changes that can help to make a working environment more comfortable, from the choice of music to the temperature of the office. Uncomfortable working conditions can distract an employee, directly impacting their productivity levels.

Provide opportunity

Jobs are no longer a simple mechanism to earn money, but allow us to be a part of something where we can grow and provide for ourselves and our families. Encourage growth and development by providing training and introducing visible and achievable targets for your employees to work towards to keep them motivated and engaged.

Encourage interaction

Busy schedules and tight deadlines can often mean employees can go a whole day without talking to anyone outside of their team. Clear communication is essential to a healthy workplace environment and encouraging social interaction can help employees network and form bonds, which is important for engagement and retention. 

Recognise achievements

With more than half of employees saying they would feel more valued if they received a non financial reward, a “thank you” has never been so important. Show that hard work has been noticed in order to encourage your employees to keep it up.


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