Tech is top of the pops


We’re a nation of tech lovers. So, it’s no surprise to see technology brands dominating the UK’s first Brand Loyalty Index. Yes, they’re big winners, but feeling loyal and behaving loyal can be completely different things.

Are consumers as loyal as they say? That’s the question many brands would love to know the answer to.


  1. Samsung
  2. Apple
  3. Dyson

Samsung and Apple came out as the two brands consumers feel most loyal to - not only ruling the technology industry, but the other 50 brands that made the loyalty index. Sky TV also ranked in the top 10, with young guns like Netflix and Amazon Prime snapping at its heels.



Whilst Apple seems to be everyone’s favourite tech superhero, it was actually Samsung that steamed ahead into first place in the Brand Loyalty Index. A surprise to some after its flagship device was recalled last year, however it dealt with its battery issues like a champ.

Since launch, Apple’s iPhone and iPad have dominated the technology space. Consumers love having Inspector Gadget devices to hand – who wouldn’t! It’s also super easy for people to move from one Apple device to another – something that’s helps consumers to stick around.

Apple has the highest level of favouritism – 55% of people in the UK describe it as a favourite brand


The index revealed that brands people say they feel loyal to and the ones they behave loyal
to, are often completely different things. Sky TV, for example didn’t make it in the top 5 brands, but was one of the brands people have been loyal to for the longest. They know how to turn rewards into loyalty by offering consumers incentives, promotions and discounts, giving them a reason to stay.

Almost 3 in 5 people in the UK have been loyal to Sky TV for over 11 years

The secret to loyalty isn’t that surprising - high quality and good value for money are important factors for 58% of you. Brands may not be able to adapt these however, they can play with consumers’ temptation. Our recent survey revealed that nearly half of us would swap brands for a promotional offer or reward, if it was up for grabs.

No loyalty, no love?

Apple is one of the few brands that consumers just desire – we’re always waiting in anticipation for the next ‘in’ thing. So why is Apple one of the nation’s most loved technology brands – despite scoring badly when it comes to rewarding loyalty? It’s a far cry from the norm when it comes to consumer loyalty, but the Californian titan shouldn’t take this for granted.

It may be a brand that we’ll always crave, but just like its competitors, it could be at risk of losing 37% of its consumers who admitted they’d be likely to switch to another brand if offered a promotion or reward. Apple has a reputation for its high-quality products however, with other brands catching up in terms of tech and usability, this alone may not keep consumers coming back.

We’re human at the end of the day – brands who feed our appetite will thrive in the future.


Technology brands are second only to supermarkets when it comes to loyalty. It seems no-one can compete with loyalty top dogs Tesco and Sainsbury’s, who storm the industry with their Clubcard and Nectar points. So why should other brands sit up and pay attention?

First up, it’s not all about rewarding – but making sure you know your consumers… Just take a look at how Sainsbury’s does it – their Nectar loyalty scheme helps them to find out everything they need to know about their audience, from interests and demographics, to what’s put in their trolley every week. These juicy details can really make the most engaging incentive - a sure fire boost for any loyalty programme. So, make the time to know your people!

And if a loyalty card isn’t for you, don’t fear! Something as simple as a discount on retailers or experiences could be the nudge needed for consumers to pick you. They get bigger savings or exclusive deals and experiences they can’t get elsewhere - you get happy, loyal customers.

So, data’s a pretty big deal. Use it right, and you can be sure to reap the benefits. It might sound simple, but offering something your consumers actually care about can go a long way. It gives that added thumbs up; a reason to pick you – and keep sticking around - for the long term.  



The Brand Loyalty Index 2017 was conducted by Atomik and surveyed 7,000 consumers on hundreds of household name brands.